Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Open Request

So far, what little work we have done has happened in about half a garage. It’s a little cramped. Before we get to the point of major disassembly, I thought I would ask if anyone knows anyone who has free shop space in the Spring/Woodlands area. By free, I mean both available and that we have virtually no budget. ;) While it would be nice to have enough space to work on 2 cars indoors, we would be happy to have enough room to spread out while working on just one. Since we have regular jobs, we would only be working on the car after 5 or on weekends. (Probably mostly weekends and few weeknights) In return, we can offer advertising space on the car. Maybe space on the C pillars, fender or rear quarter? We’re open to suggestion.

On a related note, we don’t currently have any $pon$or$hip deals, so if anyone has connections, suggestions, or space in their advertising budget, please contact me. We have several big flat surfaces available for logo placement!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting started

We're just getting this site setup.
Please be patient while we get our Internet act together. ;)

Some initial information...

We are preparing a car to enter in The 24 Hours of Lemons race events.
If all goes well, we will also participate in ChumpCar World Series races.
In a nutshell, both are series of endurance races running cars that cost no more than $500. No, really, check it out!

We currently have a 1986 Mercury Cougar.
It isn't running, but with a purchase price of $20.00, we have plenty of room in the budget to get the Cat purring again. Special thanks to the previous owner, Jason G., who took pity on us and our meager budget.

Although we have not yet dragged it home, we have
been given a 1977 (or 78?) Ford Thunderbird. Yep, that's right, zero dollars invested, so when it comes time to make her fly again, we will have the full $500 to work with. Like the Coog, Big Bird is in pretty rough shape right now. More special thanks to the previous owner, Brad, Bradster, the Bradinator, Bradatollah.

As for the Team, we're primarily a bunch of computer geeks. (uh, not the BestBuy kind) Some of us are pretty handy with a wrench and others are eager to learn. I'm RoadRunner, the primary zealot, and no stranger to greasy, banged up knuckles.
Most of my teammates are guys I have known for 20 years. We work pretty well together. I'll let them describe themselves later.

Until next time, drive safe!